Christian Record Services ( employee Dr. Leanora Ruff was recently awarded the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award in Atlanta by Rubye Braye on behalf of AmeriCorps and the Office of the President of the United States in recognition of her commitment to build a stronger nation through her lifetime of volunteer service.

Ruff, who is blind herself, described how she had been helped personally and professionally over her life by CRS and came to run the call-in service PhoneFaith, which joined CRS in 2020. Each year they reach well over 1,000 people with at least 17 different weekly call-in programs.

“We try to inspire mind, body and spirit through our speaker-led programs and also hold prayer conferences,” said Ruff. “We also celebrate the birthdays of our callers on the fourth Monday of every month. We have revivals and virtual meet and greets. We nurture legally blind people into becoming volunteer hosts and they do so in a marvelous way.”

Christian Record Services, headquartered in Lincoln, NE, serves nearly 18,000 members throughout the United States and in countries around the world with approximately 9,000 members outside North America. For more information visit,, call (402) 488-0981 or email