Brookestone Meadows ( is thrilled to announce that Chris Johnson and Katie Mickey, who have both been Enrichment Assistant’s with Brookestone now add CNA to their job title! They both received the certification through Brookestone’s sponsored CNA Class.

“I wanted to provide activities and meaningful interactions for residents. Also, to better serve the residents by helping transfer and get them to activities without having to get a CNA to help,” shared Katie.

Chris shared “I knew what it took to be a CNA because I see it firsthand every day. The work can be hard, but it is so important. My favorite part of working at BSM is the connections with residents and co-workers.”

Brookestone Meadows is a member of the Vetter Senior Living family; a nonprofit company based in Elkhorn. Vetter Senior Living owns and operates 32 senior living facilities in the Midwest. Vetter Senior Living is passionate about providing quality life and quality care for seniors.

Brookestone Meadows is specifically designed to meet the needs of seniors needing short-term rehabilitation or long-term care. You’ll find a culture of rehabilitation and overall improvement of health. Short-term rehabilitation patients are served by team members trained to meet their unique and specialized needs. Their long-term care services provide quality care and dignity in life. Learn more at or contact (402) 289-2696 /