Outlook Enrichment (outlooken.org), a part of the Omaha-based family of organizations serving the blind, has been hosting yearly soap-making workshops that have had an amazing turnout. Outlook Enrichment provides rehabilitation and social services for people who are blind or visually impaired. The Enrichment arm of the organization seeks to provide classes and activities to foster creativity and teach new skills, such as an audio book club, classes on adaptive technology, downhill skiing, jewelry making, cooking, and gardening. The soap- and candle-making workshop is one of the organization’s most popular offerings. In this past workshop, participants gathered in a recreation room at the Outlook office to customize their own soaps, candles, lotions, lip balms, and perfumes.

Through a holistic approach, Outlook Enrichment examines their consumers through many lenses, including the type and onset of vision loss, skill sets, family dynamics, culture, and much more. This approach helps them ensure that their participants are capable and prepared for every aspect of life. They need your support to continue assisting people in our community living with vision loss through their adaptive-technology training and culture, recreation, and peer-support programs. To learn more about the organization, visit outlooken.org.