Omaha Fashion Week’s Spring 2022 Season Lineup Announced for February 23-26

Omaha Fashion Week (OFW, is returning to the runway February 23-26 at the Omaha Design Center with another season of fashion and glamour! The theme for the week is Magis, which is “for the greater good.” The lineup will emphasize recycling old materials, sustainable practices, and more. There will be 14 designers taking the runway on the emerging and featured nights.

Vivere, the Friday Emerging Designer Showcase, means “to live again” or “giving new life”. Friday night’s lineup of emerging designers will be presenting collections focused on upcycling and recreating vintage silhouettes. Attendees will see the old made new again as designers who are just starting in the industry give new life and a modern take to familiar styles. In the diverse range of designers, more than half are BIPOC. Among them are Jared Hall with 3amluxury, Ana Holt with Anaí V, Keyonna Jeter with Eww Feelingz, and featured designer, Princess Elliott Hopkins with Regal Status.

A night of Splendere will bring “all grand, magnificent, and brilliant things” to the runway during Saturday night’s lineup of established designers. They will be presenting collections that are over-the-top in one way or another. From bustling trains in bridal collections to avant-garde styles with a modern twist, the runway is sure to be filled with magnificent designs. The lineup includes many returning designers such as Claire Thomas-Morgan with Vivi Design Studio, Duane Topping with Topping Designs, and international designer, Olha Potapenko with Potapenko & Yanchenko.

Student involvement is an important part of coaching new talent, which is why OFW is thrilled to bring back Metro Community College Student Night on Wednesday, where fashion groups and school programs from across the state showcase original work on the runway, and University of Nebraska at Lincoln Student Night on Thursday.

Whether designers have years of experience under their belt or none at all, Omaha Fashion Week’s mission is to mentor designers through the process of preparing for the runway. They also give back to the community and present fashion for good. That is why profits are given straight to the designers and local creatives in the community in the form of prize packages! To learn more and view the event schedule, go to