Youth Emergency Services (YES) ( provides shelter and support to homeless and near homeless youth and young adults. One of the crucial aspects of YES’s work is the Street Outreach Center (SOC). The SOC is a safe space where youth and young adults are encouraged to visit to get the necessities they need.

The youth and young adults who drop into the Street Outreach Center are often experiencing homelessness, which means they may not have access to regular meals. One major benefit of Street Outreach is daily meals. These meals are nutritious and hot. Staff work on daily meal calendars and plan accordingly for the day and the quantity. In any given month Street Outreach serves over 400 meals.

In the months of April and May, the donated meals start to dwindle due to the influx of visitors needing food. YES is asking for your help! They have an empty freezer needing 100 meals to meet their growing requests.

By filling the freezer with food, you’re helping to ensure YES’s youth and young adults have something to eat when they’re hungry. This can be particularly important for those who may have missed a meal or two due to their circumstances. In addition, having a well-stocked freezer means that the shelter can provide a variety of meals. YES provides youth with fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and other nutritious options.

You can donate to the fund and learn more about Youth Emergency Services at or visit their center at 2602 Harney St.