The Women’s Center for Advancement’s (WCA) Bridges to Opportunity Program is accepting applications for its fifth cohort group through April 30, 2013.  The Bridges to Opportunity program assists clients in breaking the cycle of poverty by finding permanent solutions to their challenges, overcoming barriers, and gaining self-reliance.  Candidates for the program are unemployed or underemployed individuals who demonstrate a sincere commitment to change their current situation, and up to fifteen candidates will be selected for the program based on their application and interview.

Services under the Bridges to Opportunity program include self-sufficiency coaching to assess client strengths and barriers and help clients set individual goals and action plans. Financial literacy coaching and workshops are provided for increased personal and economic resources.  Clients also participate in a 20-week group workshop designed to help individuals examine their lives and develop plans for building personal and family resources.

Those interested in the program can download an application form at

For more information about The Women’s Center for Advancement’s, please contact Tulani Grundy Meadows at (402) 345-6555 or by email at