ThriVinci Seeks Additional Corporate Sponsorships for 2020

ThriVinci ( is seeking additional corporate sponsors to help them serve the community through skills-based projects that satisfy important needs of various nonprofits. Already, ThriVinci has scheduled nine upcoming projects in the nonprofit community for 2020. They will host an Empower Hour on Thursday, February 6, at 6 p.m. at The Casual Pint in Countryside Village (8718 Countryside Plaza) to educate hopeful volunteers and others in the community about ways they can volunteer. Empower Hour is a chance for the community to get to know ThriVinci and their upcoming projects in a fun and engaging way. This event is for all people who wish to make an impact on the community and is open to the public.

ThriVinci is an organization of professional volunteers committed to empowering communities through shared knowledge and support for the advancement of nonprofit organizations. They work to elevate the impact of fellow nonprofits by implementing organizational effectiveness, which focuses on talent management, leadership development, and organizational design and structure. They support fellow nonprofits’ projects and goals by sourcing them with talented and driven volunteers. ThriVinci matches volunteers to nonprofits based off of skills and common goals.

To find out more information about ThriVinci and how you can work with them to make an impact, email or visit their website at