AIM Institute ( recognized the January 6 National Technology Day. National Technology Day reminds us of the profound impact technology has (and will continue to have) on our everyday lives. In Nebraska alone, we’ve seen an impressive 8.11% growth in STEM jobs from 2017-2022, but we haven’t seen a parallel expansion in the tech workforce. There are over 900 job openings in the Computer and Mathematical Occupations sector, but there aren’t enough skilled individuals to fill these positions.

This shortage not only hampers the growth of individual businesses, but also holds back the state’s overall economic potential. AIM Institute addresses this pressing shortage by shaping a more inclusive and tech-savvy future through education, career development and strategic partnerships.

AIM Institute also worked with the Omaha STEM Ecosystem to build a free online resource for community members called the STEM Community Platform. This is an online resource guide of information and events about science, technology, engineering and math. Explore STEM careers and find local programming in one convenient location by visiting

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