Last month, The Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum (SAC, visit partnered with the Nebraska Department of Education for “Walk to Unlock Nebraska.” This partnership was an educational experience for students across Nebraska while promoting a deeper appreciation for the state’s rich history, natural beauty and educational opportunities – including introducing students to the SAC Museum.

The SAC Museum stop was along the central stretch of the walk. The immersive experience introduced students to the museum’s rich history, aerospace artifacts and the vital role it played in our nation’s defense.

“The SAC Museum is committed to inspiring the discovery of flight and space exploration, hoping to always educate visitors of all ages with the incredible stories of aviation and outer space within our venue,” said Clayton Anderson, President and CEO of the SAC Museum. “This partnership provides a unique opportunity to reach students across the state and allows them to learn more about the SAC Museum and the remarkable stories it holds.”

The SAC Aerospace Museum’s continued success and impact relies on the support of individuals and the community. Supporters not only help preserve our aerospace heritage but also help ignite curiosity, inspire young minds and shape the future of aviation. Call the SAC Aerospace Museum at (402) 944-3100 or visit for more information.