Ronald McDonald House Offers Meals That Heal Program with Curbside Delivery

Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC; is thoroughly grateful for the continued support of the Meals That Heal program, not only for the food provided to families but for the community’s dedication to supporting their neighbors in any way possible. To lessen the risk of potential infection for their families, volunteer activities have been restricted and meals can only be donated via “curbside delivery.” Since the crisis began, most of these deliveries have been ordered through local restaurants that are also feeling the strain of the current circumstances.

RMHC is no stranger to illness. The families they serve have children facing a whole host of illnesses, many of which compromise their immune systems, making them vulnerable to infections. As an organization, they do whatever it takes to ensure those children and their families have a clean, safe, supportive environment where they can heal, together.

Families staying at Ronald McDonald House Charities count on the community to provide them with much-needed meals at the end of their long days, and that need has not diminished during this COVID-19 pandemic. To participate in the Meals That Heal program without ever leaving your home, contact Laurie Cope at Learn more about RMHC online at