Respite Across the Lifespan Now Housed at Meyer-Munroe Institute

Respite Across the Lifespan, an organization representing the Eastern Region of the Nebraska Respite Network, is now officing at the Meyer-Munroe Institute. Respite associates Ellen Bennett and Janet Miller moved to their office from the Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging (ENOA) on April 1.

The program covers Douglas and Sarpy County for the state, providing not only respite training but acting as a hub for families seeking respite providers. Respite Across Lifespan keeps a roster of trained respite providers, who undergo annual background checks, for caregivers seeking help. Both Bennett and Miller are trained to do the Respite, Education and Support Tools (REST) training, and both already were coming over to MMI often to help provide training. Being closer to their MMI collaborators, who provide respite training and avenues to respite for families with members who have intellectual or developmental disabilities, has been an advantage along with many other benefits.

Respite is mainly focused on those family members who are acting as a caregiver. Studies are showing that the family caregivers’ own health can be compromised by balancing caregiving, a job and family duties. Respite allows them to have someone stay with their family member so they can relax and rejuvenate. To find out more about the resources offered by Respite Across The Lifespan, please contact Janet Miller at (402) 559-5735 or Ellen Bennett at (402) 559-5732.

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