Rejuvenating Women Awarded $50,000 Grant From Yahoo! Employee Foundation

A local non-profit dedicated to restoring the lives of human trafficking survivors received their largest donation to date in the form of a grant awarded by the Yahoo! Employee Foundation.

“Trafficking is not just the fastest growing crime in the metro, it is also one of the most hidden. People are not aware of the volume of trafficking that is occurring within Omaha and the surrounding areas. At every income level, every familial status, regardless, it can happen to anyone,” Julie Shrader of Rejuvenating Women says.

Rejuvenating Women (, an organization that works to provide resources and services to survivors of human trafficking received a $50,000 grant provided by the Yahoo! Employee Foundation, an employee funded and directed foundation. This grant will allow the organization to continue serving women, providing funding for counseling, support services, and the newly acquired Restored Wings Home, a facility designed for up to two years of treatment and recovery services for former victims.

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