On April 30, Rebuilding Together Omaha and ten local volunteers from MetLife’s Midwest Associates teamed up to help repair the home of the Ausby Station residence, who resides in Omaha. In addition to funding Rebuilding Together Omaha, MetLife Foundation aims to assist families nationwide with similar projects in other communities, which will result in local investment in Rebuilding Together.  The Rebuilding Together and MetLife teams worked together to paint, resurface, and clean Ausby’s house to like-new condition.

Rebuilding Together Omaha is part of Rebuilding Together, a national nonprofit organization working to preserve affordable homeownership and revitalize neighborhoods by providing significant and critical repair and renovation services at no cost to those in need. Through the support of corporate sponsors, local businesses and the hands-on work of over 200,000 volunteers, Rebuilding Together renovates and repairs nearly 10,000 homes and nonprofit facilities annually.

For further information please contact about Rebuilding together, Steve Cinnamon, (402) 965-9201 or visit their website at http://rebuildingtogetheromaha.org/.