Purchase Raffle Tickets to Win Mini Cooper, Support Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation

Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation (www.SammysSuperheroes.org) is offering one lucky winner a chance to ride home in a Mini Cooper, all while raising money for childhood cancer research! A 2017 Mini Cooper ($28,000 MSRP) was donated to Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation by a group of generous individuals. The donation was made in order to help Sammy’s Superheroes continues its mission to fund life-saving research that will lead to modern treatments for all types of childhood cancer.

The Mini Cooper is being raffled off in September, which is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The official date of the raffle will be announced toward the end of the month. You can purchase your chance to win it for $100 for 1 ticket or 7 tickets for $500. Contact executive director Jeremy Stanislav (jstanislav@sammyssuperheroes.org / (402) 560-1578) to get tickets. Must pay cash or check.

The money raised from the raffle will go towards Sammy’s Superheroes pledge of $400,000 to the University of Chicago Medicine’s Pediatric Cancer Data Commons project. For more information about this pledge and all research projects Sammy’s Superheroes supports with fundraisers like this one, visit www.SammysSuperheroes.org.

Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation is 501c3 non-profit.