Although 26 Days of Kindness begins November 19, it goes through December 14 – so, there is still plenty of time to get involved. Project Harmony ( has been recognizing 26 Days of Kindness throughout their campus as well as with random acts of kindness in the community.

You have probably seen the 26 Days of Kindness campaign pop up on Twitter or Facebook – a national movement to honor the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Social media sites describe the acts of kindness as actions that are directed toward members of the Newton community, as well as to others across the nation and even globally.

It is fair to be upset, or even angry, when terrible things happen to children. It is fair to wish for an end to senseless violence. But each one of us can move towards resilience and healing by taking positive action and sharing kindness. Imagine if everyone could commit to doing one act of kindness for 26 days – communities coming together, pooling their resources and making a difference in the life of a child. As we approach the holiday season, please join Project Harmony in committing to one act of kindness for 26 days (and beyond) – donating time, talent or treasure.

Find out more about Project Harmony at or by calling (402) 595-1326.