High school sophomore, Elissa Chavez and senior, Jenel Oliver are two of four students that were recognized at the Omaha Diversity Week Kick-Off for essays they submitted to the Diversity Week Youth Art Contest. Chavez and Oliver wrote the essays as part of a diversity workshop youth agency Partnership 4 Kids offered to student participants earlier this summer.

In her essay Chavez compared the city’s diversity to that of a box of crayons, while Oliver discussed the concept of strength through tolerance. Each of the contest winners were awarded with a plaque for their work.

Partnership 4 Kids is the product of former youth programs, All Our Kids and Winners Circle, which merged together in 2007 in an effort to keep more Omaha students on the pathway to success by providing consistency, motivation and positive reinforcement. Today, we are partnered with 22 Omaha Public Schools, serving more than 5,000 students. Our programs introduce these students to caring adult role models, teach them how to set and achieve goals, inspire them to explore a wide variety of career paths and give them the keys to college access.

For additional information about Partnership 4 Kids or to set up an interview, please contact Lori at (402) 930-3002 or  llundholm@p4k.org. You can visit their company website at www.p4k.org.