Parkinson’s Nebraska Promotes Parkinson’s Awareness Month with Online Resources

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month, and Parkinson’s Nebraska ( is sharing online resources and urging everyone across the state to join them as they promote greater awareness of how Parkinson’s affects those living with the disease as well as their families. They want the community to know that it is possible to live a quality life with Parkinson’s disease with access to the right services, such as specialized therapy and exercise classes, support groups, and educational opportunities.

Throughout the month of April, many events, classes, and groups have cancelled to help contain the spread of COVID-19 and keep our communities safe. As a result, many people with Parkinson’s will lose access to the support and services they need. During this time, community members can turn to online programming to stay connected, engaged, and educated. Parkinson’s Nebraska has compiled a list of online Parkinson’s programs and webinars from their national and local partners, so they are all easy to find in one place. Please visit to view the growing list of online programs for people with Parkinson’s and their families.

To become involved with Parkinson’s Nebraska, individuals can donate or take a moment to learn more about Parkinson’s disease. Contact Amber Winter at (402) 715-4707 or to learn more about Parkinson’s disease and how you can get involved in the community today.