Outlook Nebraska, Inc. (ONI), a nonprofit organization providing employment and other opportunities for people who are blind and visually impaired, recently announced the purchase of the 290,000 sq. ft. building at its current 72nd and F Street location.

This facility has been ONI’s home for the past five years. It has helped the organization grow its mission by providing employment and upward mobility opportunities to help blind people gain greater independence by earning a paycheck and becoming less reliant on government assistance and entitlements.

The purchase of this facility creates greater security for ONI’s future and allows the organization to better serve the blind and visually impaired. It provides associates with access to public transportation and is a prominent location of the area. It is near the interstate, which makes it easy to transport product to and from ONI.

Established in 2000, ONI provides employment and workplace training to the blind and visually impaired in a converting operation that supplies a full line of 100 percent recycled fiber content tissue and towel products to the U.S. Government and other customers.

For more information about Outlook Nebraska, Inc., please call (402) 614-3331 x 21 or visit www.outlooknebraska.org.