The Nebraska Credit Union League is proud to announce that Nebraska credit unions posted a 7.7% annual growth in first mortgages.   According to data released by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) for the third quarter of 2013 and analyzed by Callahan & Associates, Nebraska credit unions posted strong finishing financial performance with robust growth in loans, shares, capital, and membership.  The 7.7% annual growth that Nebraska credit unions saw in first mortgage loans, brought in an additional $53.5 million to reach $752.6 million, and this marks the highest growth since the recession.  Shares have totaled $3.14 billion as of September 2013 and represent a 4.1% increase over the previous year.  Auto loan penetration (the percent of members having auto loans at credit unions) saw an increase to 21.1%, which is higher than the national credit union average of 16.5%.  High capital levels show a 12-month growth of 4.1% compared to 3.1% reported by credit unions nationwide and total membership rose by 9,402 over the same 12-month period.

The Nebraska Credit Union League, based in Omaha, is a not-for-profit, trade association that represents the interest of Nebraska’s state and federally chartered credit unions and their nearly 425,000 members. The league was organized in 1934 and continues to focus on helping its member credit unions succeed.   For more information about The Nebraska Credit Union League, please call (402) 333-9331 or go to