NALA Rescues Hydrocephalic Puppy, Shares Ava’s Journey

Nebraska Animal Loving Advocates (NALA, recently rescued a Cavalier King Charles puppy from euthanization. In June, the puppy was born to a breeder in Missouri, but with imperfections; she was born with hydrocephalus, or an excess of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain. Being an imperfect puppy, she could not be sold and was going to be euthanized if not passed onto a shelter or rescue. NALA arranged a special transport to bring the puppy to Omaha, and in September, they welcomed the tiny five pound puppy, who was then named Ava.

Ava is now over 12 weeks old. After bringing her to the shelter, NALA started Ava’s medical journey to treat her hydrocephalus. She is living with foster parents and enjoying every bit of her new home! Though Ava’s future is uncertain, the work of NALA has given her another chance at life. By sharing Ava’s journey, they hope you will remember to look beyond the imperfections to see the true perfections. Ava is only one of so very many unwanted animals in rescues and shelters hoping for another chance. Continue to follow Ava’s journey by liking NALA on Facebook (@nalarescue).

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