NALA Rescues 40+ Cats, Nearly 60 Dogs and Puppies in Months of March, April

Nebraska Animal Loving Advocates (NALA, have been busy saving dozens of animals in need this spring, including rescuing more than 40 cats in March and 56 additional animals, including dogs and puppies, in April. They saved all of the cats from Western Nebraska, and several of them were pregnant. Dozens of adorable animals are available for fostering and adoption, and NALA is seeking loving homes to take them in.

Take a look on their Facebook page (@nalarescue) and see photos of all the beautiful souls looking for forever homes! The sweet faces of these puppies, kittens, and full-grown dogs and cats will make your day, and you’ll literally find new ones looking back into your eyes every day, dreaming of a safe, loving place to live—and melting your heart. In 2020 alone, NALA found forever homes for more than 675 homeless animals, including nearly 70 dogs and cats that the rescue organization saved just in time for a Christmas they would never forget!

Nebraska Animal Loving Advocates is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) animal-rescue organization led by founder Angie Hospodka and her army of 80+ volunteers. Their mission is to revolutionize, through education, the way people think about animals and animal rescue. NALA educates people about the dangers of puppy mills and the realities of backyard breeders, in their effort to provide loving homes to all the dogs and cats they encounter, including the feral, the unwanted, the damaged, and the lost. NALA believes that every living creature not only deserves love but also has so much love to offer. NALA approaches this mission through their core values of love for all living things and faith that our culture can change, and together we can create a world where rescues are no longer needed. If you are interested in adopting, fostering, volunteering, or donating, please visit