March is National Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Awareness (NIDDA) Month. Meant to create awareness about the importance of including people with IDD in all facets of community life, Mosaic in Omaha ( will kick off its own NIDDA awareness and educational campaign with the theme, “Inclusion Inspires.”

Mosaic is a nonprofit, whole-person healthcare organization that supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and other diverse needs across 13 states in more than 700 communities. As its Mission is to “relentlessly pursue opportunities that empower people,” Mosaic’s ultimate goal is to help people it serves to direct their own lives and make their own choices that reflect their personal goals and desires.

“The core of how we serve people with IDD is to help them create full, meaningful lives. An important part for them to achieve that life is to be included in their respective communities,” said Nic Batterton. “In order to do that, we greatly depend on and want to inspire potential community partners such as businesses, churches, charities, civic organizations and others to employ them, include them in worship congregations, offer volunteer and group recreation opportunities and more. Those partners make a real, positive impact on their lives – so much so, you can see it.”

To find out more about partnering with Mosaic to help people with IDD become active in their communities in varying ways, contact Jessica Westerlin at (402) 315-4302 / For more information, visit