Since August of 2023, a beautiful community partnership has blossomed between Mosaic in Omaha (, Bloom Dance Studio and Seeds Dance Project that brings the art of dance into the lives of individuals in Mosaic’s service.

For six-week group sessions, individuals who are a part of Mosaic in Omaha’s programs have come to Bloom Dance Studio at Oakview to take part in dance classes and learn different styles such as Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop. The dancers have also performed for two Mosaic in Omaha fundraising events, as well as a showing for their family and friends, on stage, at The Garden Theater.

Erin Jensen, Owner of Bloom Dance Studio, had the following to say about this new partnership, “It has been such a pleasure working with Mosaic. Until our partnership, I was not aware of all Mosaic does for our community! Dance is an incredible way to bring joy, movement and fun to all who participate. I have enjoyed seeing the individuals at Mosaic get to experience all that dance has to offer and build confidence as they share their movement with others!”

Mosaic in Omaha looks forward to a continued partnership with Bloom Dance Studio and Seeds Dance Project.

Mosaic in Omaha is part of Mosaic, a whole-person healthcare organization. Mosaic is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. For more information, visit