A frontrunner of whole-person healthcare, Mosaic in Omaha (www.mosaicinfo.org) is expanding services within the greater community and surrounding areas. For more than 30 years, Mosaic has offered Mosaic at Home, which is a shared living or host home residential program model where people with disabilities live with an individual caregiver who provides a stable home environment. Mosaic at Home provides highly personalized care while helping those in Mosaic’s service lead a meaningful, healthy life on their own terms.

“Mosaic takes great care in matching individuals with disabilities with the correct home provider that will help them become an active member of the household and their community,” Nic Batterton, Executive Director of Mosaic in Omaha, said.

As Mosaic in Omaha expands, the need for families who are interested in becoming a home provider for people with disabilities is even greater. If you are interested in becoming a home provider, please contact Sara Cordes by email mosaicathomecareers@mosaicinfo.org or call (302) 212-0448.

Mosaic in Omaha is part of Mosaic, which is a whole-person healthcare organization. Mosaic is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. To learn more about Mosaic at Home, please visit www.mosaicinfo.org/careers/mosaicathome.