MICAH House (www.themicahhouse.org) relies on the generosity of the local community for instant impact items, also known as in-kind donations. Just like a home, MICAH House clients need all the basic items to live comfortably during this challenging time of their lives. Food, shelter, clothing and personal care items are essential.

Once a client has need of an item, it then becomes their property and continues on with them to their new home. These type of items are clothing, towels, washcloths, toiletries, hair brushes, blankets and much more. MICAH House believes this is important and provides dignity in ownership. For this reason, MICAH House is extremely thankful for in-kind donations.

Summer time can be a slow time for in-kind donations. Regular donations of toiletries, pantry food items and clothing are always appreciated. However some summer specific items include: beach towels, flip flops, sunscreen, bug spray, Aloe vera and calamine lotion. If you or your business would like to support MICAH House by hosting an in-kind drive please contact us today.

If you have any questions or would like to host a drive, please contact Jenny Andersen at jandersen@themicahhouse.org.

For more information about MICAH House or how you can become a supporter, please visit www.themicahhouse.org.