MICAH House (www.themicahhouse.org) provides shelter and supportive services for families and women experiencing the crisis of homelessness. This means there are children of all ages living at MICAH House. In order to provide normalcy and routine, there are staff dedicated to providing programs and activities with children that are empowering and encouraging.

Since the beginning of this year, MICAH House’s child program specialist has been working on strengthening MICAH House children’s interest and abilities in reading. Through interactive and curiosity piquing games and puzzles, the children have been finding new ways to love and practice reading. Some activities involved a children’s book themed homemade putt-putt game. Another activity was making a “reading buddy” where the children chose a stuffed animal to be their pet.

Another engaging activity MICAH House volunteers provide are monthly birthday parties. This is a fun way that children feel honored and remembered on such a special day. Children get a gift and there are games to play and cake to be had.

Also, MICAH House has a Girl Scout troop #64224. This is a great way for girls staying at MICAH to enjoy all the aspects of the National Girl Scout program. Through healthy activities and interactions, the girls work on social skills, team work, self-care and service minded projects.

For more information about MICAH House children’s programs or how you can become a supporter please visit www.themicahhouse.org.