Malone Community Center Adapts and Extends Services Throughout COVID-19

All of the Malone Community Center’s ( families and programs have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. As a team, they have worked night and day to continue services and create new ways to help the community, including opening their child care facility for parents who are essential workers, offering all programs virtually, and providing food and hygiene products for families.

For the last 65 years, the Malone Center has created and facilitated programs to combat the racial disparities and inequities in justice, healthcare, and social systems. They have served as a cornerstone for educational, cultural, advocacy, and health and welfare programs to create unity and prosperity in Lincoln while honoring their African American Heritage. Their community holistic programming includes Early Achiever’s Academy, Out of School Program, Culler Community Learning Center, Young Business Leadership Academy, Pregnant and Parenting Programs, Minority Health Initiative, Take Pause, Project Uplift, and Hold Cops Accountable Initiative. The Center continually creates and changes programs to meet the needs of the youth, families, and community they serve. For more information, visit or call (402) 474-1110.