Host an Electronic Collection Event with Cross Electronic Recycling

Cross Electronic Recycling ( is calling on local businesses, churches, schools, and neighborhoods to host a community electronic collection event this summer.

Improper disposal of electronics causes significant harm to the environment and human health. Once tossed in a landfill, electronics leak toxic chemicals into the Earth, causing both soil and air pollution – especially during the hot summer months.

Electronic collection events provide easy disposal for communities to properly recycle their unused, unwanted, or out-of-service electronics and divert toxic materials from reaching landfills. These events are held at no cost to the organizer. Cross Electronic Recycling provides all equipment, staffing, handling, and transporting of collected materials. Environmental processing fees may apply to some items –– the person recycling such items is responsible for paying those fees.

Cross Electronic Recycling is owned and operated by the Cross Training Center, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower and equip undereducated and unemployed adults through character development, vocational training, and work experience. Students enrolled in the program learn skills they need to become employed on a career path and financially independent in the community. To schedule a collection event or learn more about the program, contact Dan Lang at (402) 590-2100 or Visit for more information.