Middle School Facilitator, Lucretia McBride, recognizes that 2023 was a hard year for the youth in her program. To encourage the kids, she made it her goal to show them how to “overcome emotional and spiritual turmoil through education.” Since joining the Hope Center for Kids (hopecenterforkids.com) team in May of 2023, Ms. Cretia has developed a model that shows how education is a part of self-care. Through this model, she wants to empower Hope Center youth by equipping them with skills like advocating for themselves and others.

Ms. Cretia has encouraged student participation by implementing different skill classes. These include candle making, crocheting, poetry and many more topics. In the most recent activity, middle schoolers were given the opportunity to perform in a play at Hope.

“We are creating opportunities for our kids, our parents, and our loved ones – so they can paint their own picture,” said DeJuan Reddick, Executive Director.

If you have a skill you would like to showcase to Hope Center members, please reach out at getmoreinfo@hopecenterforkids.com.

The Hope provides a safe after-school and summer program where children and youth can take part in academic support, youth development, faith-based learning opportunities, and receive a hot meal every night.  To schedule a tour of The Hope, contact (402) 341-4673 or visit hopecenterforkids.com.