Heartland Women’s Network Partners With Restored Hope


Heartland Women’s Network Partners With Restored Hope in 2016

Heartland Women’s Network (HWN) has announced their partnership with Restored Hope for 2016. HWN is comprised of women from all walks of life – including business professionals, business owners, primary caregivers and college students. The organization selected Restored Hope because they share a similar mission—to help women in the Heartland both personally and professionally.

Restored Hope provides sanctuary, advancement, and community to single mothers and their children. They focus on women who have been in addictive and abusive environments, giving them a safe place to live, assist in finding the mothers work and transportation as well as giving them the reason to live out a new future. Check out their new website here: http://restoredhopeomaha.org/.

HWN is designed to provide the structure women in the Heartland need in order to grow. Working together makes each of us more powerful, resilient, and self-sufficient. While we may have different professional and personal goals, we all share certain challenges. Please visit http://www.heartlandwomensnetwork.com to learn more about how HWN can help you or a woman you know. Let HWN serve as your advocate to help you with career development, difficult transitions and success strategies.