Habitat Omaha’s Home Repair Program Provides Veteran, Student with Furnace

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha (habitatomaha.org/programs/home-repair), through its Home Repair Program, was able to provide Deb, a veteran and full-time student, with a working furnace. For more than two years, Deb had been living without a working furnace. When she found out that fixing her 30-year-old unit would be more expensive than replacing it, she made the tough decision to go without.

“I closed off the rooms in my house and I only lived in three rooms on the first floor. I kept four space heaters going. Three on the main floor and one in the lower level to keep the pipes from freezing,” Deb explained. “I applied to Habitat Omaha’s Home Repair Program and was approved for a new furnace. Now I don’t have the constant worry that comes with running space heaters around the clock and have full use of my home again.”

Habitat Omaha’s home improvement Programs can assist with a variety of projects, from larger-scale exterior repairs to smaller-scale energy efficiency upgrades. Qualifying homeowners in need of urgent repairs can receive emergency home repair loans. To apply and learn more about qualifications, call Habitat Omaha at (402) 457-5657 or visit habitatomaha.org/programs/home-repair.