On August 1, 2013, the Grandparent Resource Center (GRC), previously supported by the Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging, became part of Partnerships in Aging, Inc.  The GRC provides a wide range of services to grandparents, age 55 and older, that are raising their grandchildren in their home.  Monthly support groups, telephone support for grandparents in crisis, assistance in transportation to meetings, referrals to legal services and other support agencies are offered.  When grandparents are put into the position as “parents” for their grandchildren, many experience overwhelming emotions and financial ramifications.  In years past, a local company offered Thanksgiving baskets to some of our grandparents in need.  This offering is no longer available.  If you or your organization is interested in supporting a family in need, please contact Janet Miller, Grandparent Resource Center Coordinator, at jlmiller809@gmail.com or at (402) 996-8444.