Five Omaha area leaders have joined the Omaha Community Foundation’s Board of Directors. Bob Bates, Jennifer Hamann, Sharon Kresha, Jeff Snyder and Mark Weber will help the Omaha Community Foundation continue to build on its successes.

Bob Bates spent nearly two decades leading Lincoln Financial Group as its CEO and Chairman of the Board. Jennifer Hamann has served on the Board of Directors of a number of local charities, including Uta Halee Girls Village, Westside Community School Foundation and the Child Saving Institute.   Sharon Kresha is a Partner at Baird Holm LLP, specializing in business, tax and estate planning. Jeff Snyder is a Tax and Consulting Partner for Lutz and Company and has been with Lutz for 11 years. Mark Weber is a Principal in Private Client Services at SilverStone Group.

More than 1200 individuals, families, and organizations rely on the Omaha Community Foundation to help facilitate their charitable giving. Since the Omaha Community Foundation’s inception in 1982, those donors have given more than $780 million to more than 1400 charitable organizations. Those charitable organizations include educational institutions, human service groups, and agencies that help with arts, culture and humanities, among others.

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