First Responders Foundation Partners with Patriarch Distillers for Sanitizer Production

The First Responders Foundation ( recently partnered with Patriarch Distillers – Soldier Valley 6 to manufacture and distribute hand sanitizer to help slow the spread of COVID-19. In March, Patriarch Distillers changed their production from spirit-based consumables to a hand-cleaning application, and the First Responders Foundation facilitated distribution of the products to more than 200 first- responder organizations in Nebraska and Iowa.

Patriarch Distillers provided the hand sanitizer for first responders at no charge, instead suggesting a donation to the First Responders Foundation.

The Foundation wants to send a heartfelt thank you and sincere appreciation to Patriarch Distillers – Soldier Valley 6 for all they have done for first responders during the pandemic. The entire staff at Patriarch was all-in to produce this hand sanitizer that was so vital for so many first responders.

The First Responders Foundation directs donations to all first responders and partners directly with the region’s police and fire chiefs to serve and honor first responders and their families and show appreciation and respect for their work to enhance public safety. For more about the First Responders Foundation, visit or call (402) 218-1234. For information about Patriarch Distillers, visit