First Lady of Nebraska Sally Ganem headlined a group of VIPs at Avenue Scholars Foundation’s Celebration Luncheon on Thursday, May 10.  The Foundation welcomed approximately 150 Omaha area high school students to the Avenue Scholars program at its annual event.

The mission of the Avenue Scholars Foundation is to help ensure careers for students of hope and financial need through education and supportive relationships.   Avenue Scholars are accepted into the program as high school sophomores and are partnered with full-time Talent Advisors during their junior and senior years. Talent advisors meet with students on a regular basis during classes that focus on post-secondary access and success preparation. Outside the classroom, Scholars and their families are able to receive academic, social and financial planning services at the Avenue Scholars Center, 7101 Mercy Road in Omaha.

Throughout their post-secondary experience, Avenue Scholars continue to receive highly individualized and comprehensive support. For those attending a community college or vocational school, the Avenue Scholars program provides unique transitional support into the workforce or into a four-year public or private college program.

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