Lutheran Family Services is pleased to announce their first annual Diaper Derby recently concluded with 62, 947 diapers collected for children and their families.  Eight Omaha area churches spent the month of February collecting diapers and cash to purchase diapers for Lutheran Family Services’ three Centers for Healthy Families.

Using their “Diapers to Dollars” formula, this equates to budget relief of $12,589.  Diapers are, by far, the most requested incentive at the Centers for Healthy Families.  This incentive keeps young parents engaged in therapy and parenting classes, giving them the hope and faith they need to be successful.

Lutheran Family Services
 is delighted to present the “Golden Huggie” award to Rejoice Lutheran Church, which donated nearly 17,800 diapers (17,794).  The top three churches all collected over 10,000 each!  One church that wasn’t even part of the original eight jumped in and made a special gift that provided over 1,300 extra diapers!

In 2011, the three LFS Centers for Healthy Families (North Omaha, Council Bluffs, and Fremont) served 1165 parents (moms and dads), 1199 children under 5, 1690 children under 18, and 263 pregnant women.

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