FAMILY, Inc. Introduces New Mission Statement

FAMILY, Inc. ( is excited to announce the debut of their new mission statement! FAMILY, Inc. engaged in a week-long strategic planning effort in early May 2021. Garnering community feedback, insights from employees, and guidance from the Board of Directors, FAMILY, Inc. has set forth goals and initiatives for the next three years. This includes a revision of the organization’s mission statement to better reflect its commitment to the Southwest Iowa community. FAMILY, Inc.’s mission is to engage and educate our community, inspiring a healthy future through literacy, family, and public health services. The organization will accomplish this through an array of services and support geared toward empowering parents and caregivers with the tools they need to raise healthy children. By connecting children and their families to the resources they need at the earliest stages of development, FAMILY, Inc. seeks to ensure that all children are given the very best chances at success.

FAMILY Inc. is an early childhood and public health organization that provides public-health education, support, and connection to resources for women, children, and families in Pottawattamie and Mills counties. When parents are empowered and children have the nurturing and support they need, their chances of positively contributing to society as an adult increase. To learn more about how to support FAMILY Inc.’s mission, visit