EPIC for Girls (epicgirls.org) is proud to announce its recognition as a Project Play Champion by the prestigious Aspen Institute. This accolade comes in light of the organization’s innovative “Girls Ref the World” program, launched in September 2023 in collaboration with J’s Braintrust, aimed at empowering girls and women of color in Omaha through sports officiating training. Project Play Champion recipients are celebrated for their innovative approach to ensuring that sports serve the health and well-being of all children.

The “Girls Ref the World” program exemplifies what it means to be a Project Play Champion. By offering a comprehensive four-week academy for young women aged 14-24, teaching the basics of sports officiating and imparts essential life skills. Upon completion, participants are provided with everything they need to begin their journey as sports officials, including registration with the Nebraska State Activities Association and a stipend, ensuring they are ready to secure employment and certification as officials in Nebraska.

Dedicated to empowering girls and women of color through sports, EPIC for Girls funds 25 partner programs that enhance athletic skills while building essential life skills. Through initiatives like “Girls Ref the World,” the organization strives to create equitable and inclusive opportunities in sports and beyond.

To request an advance interview or learn more about EPIC for Girls, contact Josefina Loza at office@lozafina.com or visit their website at epicgirls.org.