EPIC for Girls (epicgirls.org), an organization championing the empowerment of young women of color through sports, proudly celebrates the achievements of its sports partners, the Keys Foundation’s Omaha Aces basketball team and the Ladies Express United basketball league. The Omaha Aces seventh grade team claimed victory at the Battle of the Ballers Tournament, showcasing exceptional teamwork and skill. Simultaneously, the sixth grade Ladies Express United team emerged as champions at the Kings and Queens of the Court Tournament, demonstrating perseverance and outstanding athletic prowess.

These victories underscore the shared values of dedication, teamwork and empowerment that EPIC for Girls promotes. “These achievements inspire young athletes, especially girls, to pursue excellence and believe in their capabilities,” said Kimberly Thomas, EPIC for Girls Executive Director. Both teams exemplify the spirit of determination and the positive impact of collective effort, mirroring EPIC for Girls’ mission to foster leadership and community among young women through sports.

As we celebrate these successes, EPIC for Girls looks forward to furthering its partnership with the Omaha Aces and Ladies Express United, supporting their future endeavors and continuing to inspire young girls to reach their full potential, both on and off the court.

Congratulations to both teams for their inspiring victories and for serving as role models to young athletes everywhere. Your hard work and sportsmanship pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future in sports.

To request an interview or learn more about EPIC for Girls and their programs, please contact Josefina Loza at office@lozafina.com or visit epicgirls.org.