Energy Rescue, Inc., a non-profit 501c3 organization that promotes sustainable living, is currently accepting donations for the Help Raise the Barn project to assist small dairy farmers Andy and Laura Chisholm of Chisholm Family Farm and The Orchard Hill Creamery located in Unadilla, Nebraska.  This event is part of an five-week long effort that began on March 5, as a result of losses on a failed contract to improve the facilities that left them facing homelessness and the possibility of having to liquidate their whole operation, and will continue until the doors of the creamery are open and ready for business.

Losing this important organic-practicing dairy farm would hurt many families in Nebraska, which is why Energy Rescue, Inc. has come to the public to ask for your help, compassion and support.  You can donate to the cause by volunteering your time and services, donating funds and materials, and supporting local benefit concerts and online fundraisers.  Additionally, First National Bank is accepting monetary donations at all branch locations, which are tax-deductible, and PayPal donations are being accepted via the Pledgie Campaign at or at

For additional information about Energy Rescue, Inc., the cause or to donate, please contact Tonya Ward at (402) 238-1221 or by email at