Domesti-PUPS Announces Canine Obedience Classes to Begin January 10

Domesti-PUPS ( will begin their five-week obedience training classes on January 10. The classes: Puppy Manners, Beginning Obedience and Intermediate Obedience, will be held at the Domesti-Pups training center at 141 Harwood Court in Lincoln every Sunday afternoon from January 10 to February 7. Reservations for a five-week class is $129 plus tax.

Domesti-PUPS asks that owners bring their pup on a six-foot standard leash (no flexi-leashes, please), small soft treats, and a copy of vaccination records for Bordatella, Distemper Parvo, and Rabies if available. Spots fill up quickly, so reserve your spot on the website as soon as possible!

For 20 years, Lincoln-based Domesti-PUPS has been training assistance dogs for persons with disabilities, providing pet therapy programs, classroom dogs, education programs, and rescue-dog training/adoption programs. They also offer many training programs for all dogs young and old.

To sign your dog up for a class or to learn more, call (402) 465-4201 or visit