Do Space ( proudly announces the Filament Recycling Collaborative, an initiative to advance sustainable practices in 3D printing. This effort brings together organizations dedicated to reducing waste by recycling scrap filament (plastic thread-like material that is used for 3D printing) and transforming it into usable material for future projects.

This group represents a collective effort between Do Space and partners, including Metropolitan Community College (MCC), Nebraska Innovation Studio, Made New Makerspace, Omaha Maker Group, Makeshift and Kiewit Luminarium. By joining forces, these organizations pool their resources and experience to address the environmental challenges associated with filament waste in the 3D printing process.

Central to the group’s mission is recycling scrap filament and addressing the issue of plastic pollution, as highlighted by Olivia Lai in an article on Lai explains the need for action, “Plastic use and consumption have driven the world to generate approximately 400 million tons of plastic waste each year to keep up with demand, 60% of which ends up in our natural environment or landfills.” Through this group, the partners are consolidating their scrap filament and sending it to a specialized recycling facility that will repurpose it into high-quality filament suitable for future printing projects.

Do Space and Kiewit Luminarium led the charge by contributing a combined total of 20 pounds of filament to kickstart the recycling process. The shipment exemplifies the group’s commitment to proactive environmental stewardship and sets a precedent moving forward.

Through ongoing efforts, the group aims to expand its reach, engage additional partners and further promote sustainable practices in Nebraska. For any organization interested in joining the cause, feel free to reach out to Michael Sauers at

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