Destiny Cafe to Provide a Pathway to Purpose for People with Disabilities

A new café will soon be coming to the Omaha area to provide a unique opportunity for people that struggle with disabilities in their day-to-day lives. Destiny Cafe ( was created by Joan Allen to employ and train those with disabilities for employment within the community.

Destiny Cafe will provide hands-on experience to their employees, allowing them to learn the jobs they have chosen and be ready to take their learned skills anywhere. Providing this option to disabled individuals will allow them to feel included and welcome in the common workplace and give them the opportunity to earn a paycheck for what might be the first time in their lives. Currently, 80% of people with disabilities are unemployed, and Destiny has a mission to change that statistic.

Being a mother of a son with disabilities, founder Joan Allen saw very early on the need for more job opportunities for developmentally disabled individuals. After networking with other nonprofits in the community, she began working towards starting her own employment training program for those with disabilities, and thus, Destiny was born. When college is not an option, Destiny gives those with disabilities the opportunity to receive training in various areas in order to get a better-paying job.

To keep up to date on Destiny Cafe, visit the newly-launched website or call (402) 689-9695.