CUES ( has added seven new members to their Board of Directors that will help in the process of governing the organization. Along with their new members, current member John Schuele has accepted the role of Chairman of the board. All members bring diverse skills and perspectives to the table and help ensure that the board remains successful in its decision-making and strategic direction. These new members have shown that they will be amazing assets to the board and will help CUES grow and prosper.

CUES welcomes Angie Quinn, Dave Audino, John Reed Jr., Kerry Kelley, George Achola, Tony Veland and Jacob Idra to the CUES Board of Directors, and congratulates and thanks John Schuele for his work on the board and his commitment to chair the CUES Board of Directors.

The new members began their term for the CUES Board of Directors in July of this year and have been working hard to help maintain the goals and mission of CUES. These members have shown remarkable dedication to the City of Omaha with a great history of active positions on other nonprofit boards.

CUES is a bold educational initiative providing centralized leadership and governance to three underserved elementary schools in Omaha supporting a majority of low-income students and families. For more information, go to