As families prepare for classes to resume this month, CUES Schools ( encourages the community to ensure every Omaha student has a successful start to the school year with a gift. CUES, consisting of Sacred Heart, All Saints and Holy Name, serve nearly 600 students and anchor their Omaha neighborhoods. The schools create an environment in which important emotional, cognitive and behavioral skills foster academic achievement.

Currently, CUES is raising funds for a new Sacred Heart playground. It has been many years since Sacred Heart students could use a fully operational playground, and the last of its remnants were removed for safety reasons over three years ago. Students are better learners when they get regular physical exercise and recess. Dedicating time during school for play and burning off energy helps students focus and be more productive. It also assists with their social and emotional learning/maturity.

An outdoor classroom will be a part of the new Sacred Heart playground. This will give students the ability to further enjoy the outdoors and to be educated in a safe, secure environment. CUES also hopes to open the new playground up to the community on non-school days or after hours, providing families and children with a safe place to play.

Your support can help CUES raise the remaining funds needed to make a new playground a reality for Sacred Heart students. Every gift makes a meaningful difference. Donate today at CUES is a bold educational initiative providing centralized leadership and governance to three elementary schools in Omaha serving a majority of low-income students and families.