CenterPointe Becomes Part of Zero Suicide Initiative to Make Suicide a ‘Never Event’

CenterPointe ( is proud to announce they are part of the Zero Suicide initiative, developed out of the Suicide Prevention Resource Center of the Education Development Center (EDC). EDC worked with health and behavioral healthcare organizations looking to improve care for individuals who are at risk of suicide. CenterPointe is now among these behavioral healthcare organizations seeking to make suicide a “never event.” The Zero Suicide leadership team consists of Michelle Nelson, Helen Trotter, Jenn Nelson, Jordon Weideman, Kat Clark, Ryan Carruthers, Amber Dirks and Chris Allende.

CenterPointe’s goals are to learn how to incorporate evidencebased best practices into individual care and safety for those at risk for suicide. The nonprofit’s team will assess risk and use all of the tools in the Zero Suicide Toolkit to ensure that every person served receives suicide care. CenterPointe intends to take the lead in the state of Nebraska to promote the Zero Suicide approach to improve care and outcomes for at-risk individuals in behavioral healthcare systems.

CenterPointe is a nonprofit organization that started in 1973, offering Lincoln and Omaha a broad continuum of care for the disadvantaged, individuals facing homelessness and those with mental health challenges. Today, CenterPointe offers nearly 40 programs in the areas of crisis response, treatment, rehabilitation, housing, and peer support. CenterPointe’s mission is to help those they serve get better, sooner, for longer. To learn more or to donate to their cause, visit, call (402) 475-8717, or email