Several nonprofit organizations serving South Omaha have joined in unity to catalyze transformational change and long-lasting economic impact through the North and South Omaha Recovery Grant program administered by the Department of Economic Development. Project partners include Canopy South (, Girls Inc., One World Community Health Centers, Latino Center of the Midlands, Lending Link, Latino Economic Development Council and The Simple Foundation.

After years of community engagement, project development and collaboration, Canopy South and their partners have been awarded $64 million in state funding to catalyze economic development.

The collaborative effort is full of a diverse range of projects, each with its own unique size and scope, and spanning various sectors such as healthcare, business and economic development, youth and adult education, housing, infrastructure and tourism. This once-in-a-lifetime funding will help create platforms that connect people to their aspirations.

Community development strengthens economic growth by fostering an environment conducive to prosperity. This involves improving infrastructure, backing small businesses and entrepreneurs, offering opportunities for upskilling and workforce development, drawing in tourism and celebrating the talents and diversity in South Omaha.

“By investing in education, housing, business development, infrastructure and other key areas, we are laying the foundation for a brighter future for everyone – a place where prosperity is more broadly shared,” says César Garcia, Executive Director of Canopy South. “Ultimately, the actions we take today will impact the lives of future generations to come.”

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