Autism Action Partnership’s ( COMPASS program is dedicated to creating a more inclusive and welcoming environment in the Omaha Metro area. Their specialized trainers provide comprehensive sessions focusing on autism awareness, understanding and accommodation. By engaging with COMPASS, your organization not only advances its inclusion practices, but also contributes to building a more supportive community.

The COMPASS training and consultation service is tailored to meet your workplace’s unique needs, ensuring employees gain practical insights into creating an environment conducive to the success and well-being of individuals on the autism spectrum. Their trainers, drawing on professional expertise and lived experiences, facilitate meaningful discussions, promoting a deeper understanding of neurodiversity.

In addition to standard training modules, COMPASS offers personalized consultations to address specific inclusivity challenges. Whether adapting spaces to be more sensory-friendly, implementing accommodations or fostering a culture of understanding, their consultants work closely with you to develop tailored solutions aligning with organizational goals.

Partner with COMPASS to enhance employee awareness of autism and contribute to creating a more inclusive community across the Omaha Metro in 2024.

Autism Action Partnership aims to improve the quality of life of persons on the Autism Spectrum and their families though education, advocacy and support, thereby enabling them to be an integral part of the community. For more information, visit