Archbishop George J. Lucas announced Promise 2020, a strategic plan to ensure young people living east of 72nd Street have quality Catholic schools and faith-filled parishes for years to come. Lucas asked Omaha-area Catholics to unite around a vision for the future, including the creation of the new Omaha Catholic School Consortium.

In accepting the recommendations of parish and school steering committees, the Archbishop accepts new strategies connecting parish life, community needs and Catholic education. More than 200 representatives from every parish and Catholic school in East Omaha, along with supporting community organizations participated in the year long strategic planning process.

Lucas announced two major strategies to support strong Catholic schools east of 72nd Street. First, he announced the creation of the Omaha Catholic Schools Consortium. The opportunity to transform South Omaha schools drove the decision to transition from parish schools to a consortium.

Lucas also announced that the Christian Urban Education Service (CUES), the organization, known for transforming Sacred Heart School in North Omaha, has agreed to support two additional mission schools. CUES’ expansion of its leadership and financial support, mean new energy and a secure future for Holy Name Catholic School, 2901 Fontonelle Blvd., and All Saints Catholic School,1335 S. 10th St.

For more information about Omaha Catholic Schools Consortium, please call (402) 557-5655 or email: