Angel Guardians, Inc. (AGI, is excited to announce that they will be opening two new lines of service this spring. This includes:

Supported Family Living – Supported Family Living is designed to provide long-term support for individuals with disabilities who live with their families. Activities in Supported Family Living promote independence for individuals, including assistance in areas such as budgeting, self-care and navigating the community.

Prevocational Services – This introduction to employment will ensure individuals with disabilities gain the skills and experience to succeed in the workforce. Supports include workplace readiness training, skill building and defining career interests for individuals.

Please feel free to reach out to Angel Guardians if you are interested in participating in or supporting these programs! They welcome visitors and would love to schedule a tour. For more information, email

Angel Guardians, Inc. serves individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities in the Omaha Metro. AGI has a goal of creating an inclusive environment where people with, and without, disabilities can live, work and play. AGI works to empower people with disabilities to make their own choices and create relationships in the Omaha Community. Programming for AGI includes day services, art programming, vocational training and respite services. If you’d like more information, please reach out to Executive Director Sam Comfort at